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Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor in a building in double height ceiling which does not extend over the whole floorspace of the building. Mezzanines may be temporary or removable structures.
Mezzanines creates a high ceiling space and can create additional floor space. Mezzanine structures can be free standing, dismantled and relocated. Mezzanine structures can be supported by structural steel columns, or by racks or shelves. Depending on theĀ spanĀ and usage different materials may be used for the mezzanine’s deck. Mezzanine floors are commonly used for storage with short and longspan shelving below and above the floor. Also it can be used one level for one purpose and the 2nd level for another purpose. Mezzanines with partitions can be used to craete office space in warehouses and factories. In retail stores and super markets mezzanines increases the selling space. Also space for production and packing can be created by mezzanine floors.


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